Library hold policy (was Re: freedom and necessity)

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Wed Feb 27 11:55:59 EST 2002

> >Does this mean you're not allowed to reborrow a book on the day you return
> >it? Is that library policy or software warfare?

It is more basic than that. The returns slide down this huge chute to a 
locked room in the basement, and they physically sit there until a shelver 
comes to check them in. I was told I could go down there and wait and then 
ask the person to sort through the book pile, if they were willing, but 
that there was no guarantee when and if this would happen in the next hour 
or 3 hours.

>A while ago my sister asked
> >me to reserve some books by Jill Paton Walsh for her. Not having her library
> >card, I put the reservation on my own, and then found that the library
> >computer insists that *I* have to borrow the books. So, I collect them, hand
> >them to my sister who hands them back to me to return. It's quite a circus.

We have something like this, too. Once you put a hold in the computer 
system only your card can borrow them. I am going to test today whether my 
husbad holding my card can get my book, because I can't wait another day.


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