freedom and necessity

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Wed Feb 27 08:20:49 EST 2002

> I just wanted to say a big thanks to those of you who recommended Freedom
> and Necessity. I am such a sucker for the epistolary genre. Sadly, since I
> was really enjoying it, I accidentally returned the book to the library
> with a bunch of others that were in my bag, and now I have to wait a day
> reborrow it. That'll show me for not buying my own copy.

Does this mean you're not allowed to reborrow a book on the day you return
it? Is that library policy or software warfare? A while ago my sister asked
me to reserve some books by Jill Paton Walsh for her. Not having her library
card, I put the reservation on my own, and then found that the library
computer insists that *I* have to borrow the books. So, I collect them, hand
them to my sister who hands them back to me to return. It's quite a circus.
I think there were ten of them, and now the flood has ended I can reserve
some of the books *I* want.

Which other epistolary genre books have you enjoyed lately? And have you
ever read the very early one by (I think) Samuel Richardson?


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