OT _The Thief_

Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Wed Feb 27 05:04:08 EST 2002

I've just finished reading _The Thief_ -- thanks to everyone who recommended
it! I had a similar reaction to that described by someone--sorry, I know
longer have the post and can't remember who--in that up until about halfway
I felt, "Well, this is OK but it's not *that* good." By the end of the book
I had fallen in love with the semi-Greek setting, the characters,
everything. I have to agree with Melissa's comment about the author's having
to cheat in order to surprise the reader. It's find for an author to
withdraw information as long as the clues are hidden in the text, but IMO,
it's cheating to withhold information that the protagonist already has, that
the first-person narrator is deliberately hiding from the reader. But how
can I complain when I loved it so much? I suppose I can only say to say the
cheating worked! I can't wait to read _The Queen of Attolia_, which I've
already ordered. (It will be available here in some weeks.)


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