OT: Second hand bookshops in Dublin.

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Feb 22 15:41:57 EST 2002

>A question for the Ireland division:
>I am hoping to go to Dublin this Monday. Unfortunately
>this is business and not pleasure and it looks I will
>be spending most of my time delving into the
>Traditional Music Archive for my studies.
>Nevertheless, poor student as I am, I was hoping to
>pick up some cheep-ish reading material that has got
>nothing to do with studying.
>So, do you know where there are some good second hand
>book shops in Dublin. Is there a particular area that
>is particularly bookish, or a particular shop that I
>should not miss? Any hints would be much appreciated.

Hi, Sophie,

Chapters on Middle Abbey Street (just off O'Connell St.) is probably 
the best bet - discount new books ground floor (not usually great, 
but I did find Fantasy Stories or whatever it's called, very 
reasonably) and second hand downstairs.   Down on the Quays there's 
an Oxfam book shop, but it's pretty far down towards the Four Courts, 
and not always even open, I think.   Other than that, most of my 
haunts are South side.

Good bookish corner is Dawson Street - Waterstones (best children's 
section around imho) right across the road from Hodges Figgis (best 
sf including some US imports) and a mystery book shop (ditto on the 
US imports) just up a few shops, but this may be far better avoided 
if you're looking for cheap!  Same with The Forbidden Planet.

Let us know when you're coming up again and have time to meet up, if it suits,


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