Which dwj char are you?

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 22 14:11:12 EST 2002

Thought this question was going to be about tea in
some obscure way,something to accompany the Hexwood

Anyway, I think I posted on this topic before, and am
mainly sticking to my previous choice of the "friendly
neighbourhood enemy" from Homeward Bounders. I am
rather grumpy and known for sarcasm, but I am not a
bad kind of person if you really get to know me, I
hope. Actually, I might not be as cool as her, so it
might be more of an aspiration thing. And yes, I do
sometimes hang my hair in front of my face (friends
and mum say: "oh, we can't see your lovely features."
Reply "snarl"), but mostly wear up it nowadays.

By the way, Sophie from Howl is one of the characters
I am like least. She arrives in the castle and
immediately starts tidying up. That would be the last
thing I would think of. You'd more likely find me in
front of the fire with a book I found somewhere.  


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