Which dwj char are you?

Caleb Woodbridge scwoody423 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 12:37:02 EST 2002

 --- Rebecca Ganetzky <rganetzk at oberlin.edu> wrote: >
Which DWJ character (or other character) do you
> identify with the most?  I
> was just rereading DS (For the 100th time, I'm sure)
I read it through for the first time earlier this
week, having borrowed it from the library.

>  And I had always
> identified better with Rupert.  I'm rather
> rule-following, not to mention a
> computer programmer, but this time, I don't really
> know why, I identified
> very, ery strongly with Maree.  Our backgrounds
> aren't very similar but the
> things she was feeling very much resonated.
I felt more sympathetic towards Maree, although I'm
probably closer in character to Rupert. Neither
resonate deeply with me though.

> Before that I'm sure  I would
> have said Anne, as I have kept my imaginary friends
> for ::far:: too long,
> or Maewen, as I look a lot like her, or Amanda
> because I respect her a
> lot...but this is the first time that I have felt
> that I connect on a
> non-superficial level with a character...What about
> other people?
After reading "Drowned Ammet" and rereading "The Crown
of Dalemark" recently, I feel that I'm probably
closest to, and identify most with Mitt. On one level,
I'm around the same age as he is at the beginning, and
probably physically similar, and also similar in
character a bit e.g. I do things without thinking
about the consequence or what happens next.

Caleb W.

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