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I have also just finished The Thief and will shortly be ordering The Queen
of Attolia on interlibrary loan.  I thought The Thief was not bad, but I
only started really liking it at the end when everything fell into place.
Part of the lack of enthusiasm might have been because I finished The Curse
of Chalion just before I started The Thief, and I loved it.  I have been
reading some very mediocre fantasies lately (I won't name names but some of
them are a couple of inches thick) and The Curse of Chalion was everything
they weren't.  I also liked it a lot better than most of the Miles/Cordelia

OB DWJ - after reading the first of the fantasy bricks I had to go and
reread The Year of the Griffin to remind myself how good fantasy can be.

And now I think I am going to go and have a total break from fantasy and go
and read some Dick Francis.


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> > read the Thief first.  It's sort of a requirement.  don't even
> > glance at QoA until you've read the Thief.  And read the QoA with
> > lots of tissues and chocolate nearby.
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> > -deborah
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> I just finished The Thief and am rereading it until I can get out to a
> bookshop and get The Queen of Attolia. I really enjoyed it 
> and hated putting
> it down for such mundane things as dinner and work.
> My 11 yo son has read part way through, then stopped. He 
> thought it was just
> OK. No telling with some people!
> OTOH, he reads and rereads DWJ, and brings home DWJ books 
> from the school
> library that I already have. Most of the summer holidays 
> (Dec, Jan) he had
> either Dark Lord or Year of the Griffin accompanying him.
> Anita
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