Megan Whalen Turner

Anita Graham amgraham at
Thu Feb 21 09:04:54 EST 2002

> read the Thief first.  It's sort of a requirement.  don't even
> glance at QoA until you've read the Thief.  And read the QoA with
> lots of tissues and chocolate nearby.
> -deborah
> deborah at

I just finished The Thief and am rereading it until I can get out to a
bookshop and get The Queen of Attolia. I really enjoyed it and hated putting
it down for such mundane things as dinner and work.

My 11 yo son has read part way through, then stopped. He thought it was just
OK. No telling with some people!

OTOH, he reads and rereads DWJ, and brings home DWJ books from the school
library that I already have. Most of the summer holidays (Dec, Jan) he had
either Dark Lord or Year of the Griffin accompanying him.


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