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Jennifer wrote

> I've got a book recommendation, actually. I'm partway through a book from

> the library (adult sf/fantasy section) called Point of Dreams by authors

> I'd never heard of before, Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett (everyone is

> now going to tell me they've known about them for *years*, right?), 

Um, yes, sorry. Melissa Scott at any rate. I think Lisa Barnett is her partner/significant other/whatever and the two Point Books are the only two they have written together. She is very readable. I've got her first trilogy, each one called Silence and something or another. Nice space opera, but sags a bit between the action. There are also several SF standalones, the names escape me and I'm too lazy to go and look but all worth a read.

Now, Jennifer, I've got Point of Hopes -- contact me offline and i'd love to do a swap. 


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