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Wed Feb 20 14:49:16 EST 2002

Caleb wrote,

> I seem to have more dreams influenced by books and things now than I

> remember having. 

A couple of months ago I wrote about a couple of scary dreams that came from reading Hexwood, but it's rare for me to have such coherent memories. I often wake up from dreams of daring adventure, but only retain a confused impression of rushing about through weird landscapes or strange buildings. In the nicer version of these I seem to lead a charmed life and succeed in rescuing myself and others. I had one of the other kind last night - I ended up in a burning city at dusk, the air was black with smoke and starlings. 

The most frustrating dream I ever had was one in which I was wrtiting an amazingly good story, reading it -- and starring in it at the same time. And of course I couldn't remember a damn thing about it!


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