tshirts, boskone, gaiman, hexwood poem

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> Jenwa said...
> >
> > yes!  a T-shirt would be grand!
> > i like both those ideas, and some of the others people
> > have tossed around...
> > what about... oh, damn, i can't quite remember the
> > term... those people in Tale of Time City that are
> > sent out into History to monitor its status, like the
> > real Vivian Lee's parents.
> > or that band that the older stepbrother loves in The
> > Ogre Downstairs?  (argh, complete mush for brains
> > after three days of con, sorry for failure of detail)
> Indigo Rubber.  Or maybe we could have some of the Greek from
> "Ogre"...or perhaps The Dumas Quartet "tour" t-shirts (which could
> wonderfully confuse other people if more than four of us showed
> up...he he).  Or...damn, there's just too many t-shirt ideas in DWJ!

I'm currently trying to persuade the string quartet I'm in to change our
name to the Dumas Quartet.  Sadly, they're all DWJ-illiterate and too lazy
to read, but I keep trying... If we ever get famous and tour (hah, we should
be so lucky), I'll let you all know about T-shirts ;o)


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