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><< Maybe it's just because "sleek" is the word that comes to mind when I 
>think of
>Rupert; well-groomed, impeccable, glossy hair, etc.  My impression (and this
>is not backed up by fact, just extrapolation, so it could be wrong) was that
>in gaining so much responsibility so young, Rupert never had time for
>serious relationships, and that he'd mostly dated women who were glossy and
>attractive too.  >>
>In short, a slightly revised Sebastian Leroy. At least on the surface.

That's a very good insight.  In reference to the thread about whether DWJ is
promoting nature over nurture, there's a part near the end where Rupert is
musing over things, waiting for everyone to come back from Babylon, and
thinks how Rob and Nick are not only physically similar, they've inherited
the same selfishness from their common father.  Obviously Rupert and Seb
aren't related, but I wonder if DWJ uses character types in her various
books who are similar by *nature* and explores how they might grow up
differently due to *nurture*.  I could easily see Rupert growing up to be a
true prat without the influence of his brothers; frankly, having older
brothers who can wind you up easily sort of takes the edge off prattishness,
because the core of that is egotism.  Hard to maintain your superiority in
the face of that.

This time, I liked Rupert better.  He's not really as sleek as he seems.
This was also the first time that the politics of letting the Empire fall
apart made sense to me from the beginning.  I sometimes wonder what I was
thinking in previous readings, when something I *thought* was unclear is,
upon a second look, blindingly obvious.

>>>I am not making any assumptions about whether Rupert is
>a chauvinist because I don't think that's what this means.  It was just
>intriguing because, for one thing, he figures people can do the math, and
>for another, it suggests that he notices the women first.  So probably just
>the opposite of male chauvinism.<<
>He's also young and doesn't have a girlfriend...

Scoping out the possibilities?  :)  Well, why not?  Crap. I had a thought
about that too.  I should just go to bed and tackle the whole thing when I'm
thinking more clearly.  (What I'm afraid of is losing it after a good
night's sleep....)

Melissa Proffitt
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