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Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 18:38:13 EST 2002

--- deborah <deborah at suberic.net> wrote:
> So I just came back from the first night of Boskone
> (the New
> England science fiction association's annual
> conference -- my
> first con) where Neil Gaiman gave the keynote
> speech.  Actually,
> it wasn't really a speech, it was more of reading
> things that he
> has written.  And he read the Hexwood poem!  (
> http://www.suberic.net/dwj/personal.html#gaiman )

oops!  i should read all my email before sending any. 
i've tried to convince myself of this before, but
somehow it never sticks.  d'oh.
anyway, Deborah, i'm really glad you got to experience
your first con -- i think Boskone is a great first con
(it was also my first sf/fantasy con, two years ago),
'cause it's pretty small and homey and calm, and yet
very very cool and high quality.  i wish we had run
into each other... ah well.

> So going to my first con made me think -- we should
> have
> T-shirts.  You know, T-shirts that say "Larwood
> House" or
> "Property of Chrestomanci Castle" or something like
> that . other
> people seem to think of clever equivalent of these
> -- I'm not
> that original.  Anyone up for it?

yes!  a T-shirt would be grand!
i like both those ideas, and some of the others people
have tossed around...
what about... oh, damn, i can't quite remember the
term... those people in Tale of Time City that are
sent out into History to monitor its status, like the
real Vivian Lee's parents.
or that band that the older stepbrother loves in The
Ogre Downstairs?  (argh, complete mush for brains
after three days of con, sorry for failure of detail)

sidenote: those of you who've read Emma Bull's War for
the Oaks might appreciate this t-shirt concept:


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