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Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at
Sun Feb 17 17:17:01 EST 2002

hi all,
please bear with me for a bit as i cheer and blather 
about Boskone, the sf/fantasy convention i just went
to this weekend.  Neil Gaiman was the guest of honor
and was really truly lovely, and mentioned dwj twice
(yay!).  during the reading he actually read aloud the
poem he wrote about having a copy of Hexwood,
dedicated to him, by Diana Wynne Jones -- it was so
adorable, and so clear how much it meant to him.  and
during the interview he told how he's been reading
Witch Week to his younger daughter Maddy, and his
older daughter (who's in her teens) has decided to
always do her homework in the room in which he happens
to be reading to Maddy.
just wanted to share the warm fuzzies with the list!


p.s. and Emma Bull was there and was also lovely and
personable and accessible and she and Lorraine Garland
and Lojo Russo and Patrick Nielsen Hayden did a little
Flash Girls concerts in which they performed some of
the songs Neil wrote for them and it was glorious. 
and if anyone is around Minneapolis the last weekend
of March, come to Minicon
[] -- she and
Will Shetterly are the Guests of Honor, and i believe
there is another Flash Girls concert planned.  if you
plan to come, or are just in the Twin Cities area and
would like to perhaps hang out a bit, drop me an
email.  i'd love to meet more listmates.  :)

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