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<< Maybe it's just because "sleek" is the word that comes to mind when I 
think of
Rupert; well-groomed, impeccable, glossy hair, etc.  My impression (and this
is not backed up by fact, just extrapolation, so it could be wrong) was that
in gaining so much responsibility so young, Rupert never had time for
serious relationships, and that he'd mostly dated women who were glossy and
attractive too.  >>

In short, a slightly revised Sebastian Leroy. At least on the surface.

>>I am not making any assumptions about whether Rupert is
a chauvinist because I don't think that's what this means.  It was just
intriguing because, for one thing, he figures people can do the math, and
for another, it suggests that he notices the women first.  So probably just
the opposite of male chauvinism.<<

He's also young and doesn't have a girlfriend...
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