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Sat Feb 16 12:07:00 EST 2002

---Original Message From: Dorian E. Gray
> Grin.  I'm watching season 6; we just had the musical episode
> the other night.  I know what you're getting at. :-)  Oddly
> enough, though you're quite right that Spike falls into this
> category, it had never occurred to me (though Angel,
> especially in the first two seasons of Buffy, is a good
> example of "Ohhh, the Angst!").  But Joss Wheadon is a master
> of turning cliches into real people, if you see what I mean.
> (Who else could have done a musical episode and not have it
> come out corny and stupid?)

We *love* the musical episode.  We cut the songs to CD so that we can
listen to them when we want.  Probably a no-no, but *might* qualify
under "fair-use".  Joss Whedon is a genius, no doubt about it.  I dabble
in poetry (http://www.jacob.proffitt.com/Poems.html), so it was kind of
humbling to see what he did on, more or less, a whim.  Beautifully
threaded, multi-faceted stuff.

Jacob Proffitt

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