DWJ: OT Books set at universities

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Sat Feb 16 06:12:22 EST 2002

I wonder if
> many of the people who snub YA books do so because they only ever read
> _Sweet Valley High_ or Lurlene McDaniels or V.C. Andrews.  If you don't
> the amazing variety and depth that's out there, there's little reason as
> adult to prowl the young adult section.

I'd say you're right. Just as many people refuse to read romances because
they equate the genre with, not Mills & Boon, but their *own concept* of
Mills & Boon.

> along the same lines: ignorance and snobbery.  One man who had read some
> in his teens said something like "once I figured out that all SF novels
> metaphors for real-life problems,

Huh? *All*? He's nuts!

>Other people,
> again, simply have no idea what SF really *is* and aren't interested in
> finding out.

As Sweet Valley High is YA, so to some people sf is pulp fiction. And it's
no use telling some people the pulp authors were great storytellers... By
His Bootstraps, anyone?

> But I can only guess.  I would really like to sit someone like this down
> ask, in a curious and non-confrontational way, what she really thinks!  I
> wonder how honest an answer I would get--not that I would expect the
> to be deliberately dishonest, of course.  But I think people tend to fool
> even themselves about why they think the way they do.

My current dislike is the Personalities who Discover Harry Potter. They hold
forth about it with absolutely no idea of the fantasy that predates it.
"It's the best!" But they haven't "read the rest". Or anything, since


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