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Caleb W SCWoody423 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 04:32:27 EST 2002

I just finished reading The Dalemark Quartet, since I was rereading "Cart
and Cwidder" and bought "Drowned Ammet" on Monday, and after that decided to
reread "The Crown of Dalemark" so as to read it knowing all the background
of Mitt and so on. It's very clever how all the different characters and
plot threads from the first three books are brought together, but the book
is still an excellent story in its own right.

And following on from the Dreams thread, I dreamed last night that I went to
visit Cennoreth. She was living in my house, only it appeared to be
tumbledown. She didn't seem to be too pleased to see me, and I forgot why
I'd come to see her. It was only after I left that I remembered that I
wanted to find out how to get into contact with Mitt.

Possible spoilers for "The Crown of Dalemark".


I might be being terribly dense, but I didn't quite understand the
significance of Mitt's message to Maewen saying "Allow four years, not two,
to allow for inflation". Mitt promised to come back to Maewen after two
years in their earlier conversation, although it might be referring to the
rebuilding of Kernsberg. Can someone explain?

Caleb W.

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