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Sat Feb 16 00:15:56 EST 2002

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002 18:57:17 -0000, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

>> The Exiles:

>Borrowed the first one from Hallie recently and was immensely
>irritated by the fact that the US publishers had changed some stuff
>for a US audience; reading about kids in England using dollars and
>cents drove me up the walls! 

No way!  I must have gotten the Right Copy because mine said pounds and
pence.  I hate when they change stuff.  How are kids ever supposed to learn
about other cultures if publishers go around correlating books for their
mental protection?  Grrrr....

>I must say that I found Big Grandma's
>reaction to the calamity at the end somewhat unrealistic - *I* would
>have gone absolutely BESWICK!  But that could be just me.

There's really only so much craziness you can direct at children you love.
My second daughter--okay, this wasn't nearly so bad as Big Grandma's
problem, but still--decided today was a good day for glitter.  She made a
HUGE mess all over the floor, making the carpet look sparkly-sandy; left
toothpicks on the floor for people to get splinters; and tried to hide the
evidence in the depths of a cupboard.  After the initial screaming...well,
making her clean it up with a lint brush and her tongue isn't practical, and
it's not like it gets the glitter back into the bottle.  (Plus, the Exiles
did *try* to repair the damage.)  But boy, did I suffer anguishes of
sympathetic horror over the end of that book.  :)

>Hamilton's main vampire (whose name I've forgotten) falls
>into category #2 - the EvilSexy vampire.  He's evil (or at least
>morally iffy), but frightfully sexy and dangerously attractive, and
>the female lead spends half her time fighting her attraction to him
>and the other half indulging in kinky sex scenes with him.  Anne Rice
>is the paramount writer of this type of vampire.

I was about to write something about Buffy, but remembered that some of you
aren't watching the sixth season yet.  Carefully biting tongue and walking
away....<evil laughter fading into the distance>

>My own recommendation?  I recently discovered Roger Zelazny's "Amber"
>books.  These are a lot of fun.  Alternate worlds, deadly politicking,
>magic, love, mysteries, some of the smoothest writing I've come across
>in a long time...everything you could want, in fact.  But be warned -
>get the huge one-volume all-ten-books-at-once (I found it in the
>library), because the story doesn't anywhere near end in book one, and
>you'll want to rush off and read the rest!

Ditto to all of this.  Zelazny's writing is a dream.  I like many of his
stand-alone novels as well, though for some reason I have never been able to
read _Lord of Light_, probably his most critically-acclaimed novel.

Melissa Proffitt
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