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Fri Feb 15 21:27:34 EST 2002

on 15.2.2002 16:46, Alex at alex.mb at zoo.co.uk wrote:
>> lizzie wrote:

>> If you see Artemis Fowl (by Eoin Colfer) in the kids section, read it too.
>> That one, I both found good *and* enjoyed.
> Sorry but I HATED it - luckily got it from the library.

I didn't like the first Artemis Fowl book either. It was ok, but it didn't
work for me. And it *so* clearly spelt that it was the first part of a
series (and trying to get in on the HP fan market...).

_The Song Quest_ by Katherine Roberts was a nice growing up story, but I
didn't like the second part of the series (_Crystal Mask_) at all and felt
it really ruined some characters from the first book.


p.s. Thanks for everybody who recommended Chabon's _The Amazing Adventures
of Kavalier and Clay_ on the "Best of 2001" thread. I probably never would
have read this book if I hadn't seen it recommended here and I really liked

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