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> ---Original Message From: Dorian E. Gray
> > > I *was* a *huge* fan of Laurell K. Hamilton.  I *love* the Anita
> > books.
> > > Unfortunately, though, she started believing her own hype.  I blame
> > all
> > > the sex-craved fanz who bought "Kiss of Shadows".
> >
> > I bought that book.  I was disgusted.  I wanted a novel with
> > faeries and politicking and magic and PIs.  I got a
> > thinly-disguised piece of porn.  It's not that I necessarily
> > mind porn (I read slash-fic!), but I object to its
> > masquerading as real fiction.  I'll probably read a few more
> > Anita Blake books from the library (I've only read the first
> > 3 or 4), and then stop on Hamilton altogether.

Jacob replied:

> Yup.  About how I reacted to "Kiss of Shadows".  I highly recommend
> sticking with Anita until "Obsidian Butterfly".  It is, IMO, her very
> best work.  Which just increases my frustration with her new
> direction...

I haven't yet read _Obsidian Butterfly_ though I intend to. I loved the
early Anita books, but I felt that after the first couple, the violence
started to become quite gratuitous and quite sadistic. I haven't read _Kiss
of Shadows_ yet, but given that it's been the violence in the Anita books
that bothered me, not the sex, I'm interested to see how I feel about it. I
do agree with Dorian about objecting to porn pretending to be fiction,

BTW, I had the same reaction as Jacob about the Huff _Blood_ books. I didn't
bother getting any further than the first one because I'd just been reading
the Anita books, and the characters and themes in the _Blood_ one felt so
insipid in comparison. But maybe it changes after the first book?

The comments I've heard here are encouraging me to get to _Obsisian
Butterfly_ soon...


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