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For those who like "Big Grandma" of the The Exiles books, Richard peck has
two books featruing another great Grandma character--the first is called
"A Long Way From Chicago," which is basically just a series of short
stories featuring the same characters in a small town during the
Depression, and the sequel, which I think is called _A Year Down Under_.
I *love* his Blossom Culp books --I wish he'd write another--and I liked
these too.  They were light and funny--a nice break.

Re: the Jacqueline Kirby series by E. Peters. While I can completely
understand the reaction to the Jake character--my friend had the same
reaction--I like her as a character in a book.  I would hate her as a
friend, but I admire people who speak their minds, mostly because I tend
to keep my opinions to myself too much.  I agree that _Die for Love_ is
pretty nasty about romance novels, and I don't think it's the best of the
series.  Has anyone read the last one, _Naked Once More_? I really enjoyed
that one.  

Thanks to those of you who recommended Megan Whalen Turner's _The Thief_
and _The Queen of Attolia_.  I read them both, and liked them both enough
to buy them new, high praise indeed!


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