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>Sherwood Smith: has anybody read stuff by him?  I read the Wren books a
>while ago and came accross them online recently.  I remember that I liked
>them, though I think the ending wasn't quite what I wanted it to be.

I also liked the Crown and Court books a lot better than the Wren 
ones.  Especially the (Wren books) ending.  Is it just me, or did 
anyone else find one of the romantic pairings just a wee bit 
disturbing, given the relationship between the two in first book? 
Don't want to do spoilers here.

>Quest for a Queen: I read _Quest for a Maid_ by Frances Mary Hendry when I
>was in elementary school about six times--I could never find any of the
>sequels/prequels/companion books that I needed to make sense of it.  I
>came accross one in Hay-on-Wye called The Jackdaw.  I haven't read it yet
>but I'm hopeful!  These books are set in Elizabethan London--and I've just
>looked at it and realized that the two books aren't part of the same
>trilogy--this one has to do with Mary Queen of Scots, and Quest for a Maid
>I think had to do with politics somewhere Scandinavian.  It was a striking
>book--the relationship between the narrator and the older sister reminded
>me in some ways of a relationship in DWJ, now that I think about it.

I don't think there are any sense-making elements in the other Quest 
books.  I've got _Quest for a Maid_, which we love, and _Quest for a 
Kelpie_, which we both found less appealing.  (It starts with the 
heroine as an old woman, surrounded by largely unsatisfying family, a 
device I find deeply depressing!)  There was another one in the 
library, which I skimmed.  It seemed a bit old for Becca at the time 
(about 10 or 11 - though the other two were fine) so I left it for 
later.  But then they closed the children's section and put most of 
the books into storage, "temporarily".  Ha.

QfaM is set in Scotland, btw.  And has great characters, as well as 
that sibling relationship Lizzie mentioned, and a wonderful opening 
line.  I'd have thought you'd find her books easily in Scotland.

>Troy.  Can't remember who it's by, but it's a ya book that was all over
>the place in London.  The story of two girls during the seige at Troy.
>Just wondering if anyone had read it.  Oh--Adele Geras.  That's the

I read about this somewhere and then saw it in Dublin too.  On the 3 
for 2 table in Waterstones even. Did you read it?  I was a bit 
dubious after reader reviews on Amazon.  Or somewhere.  It sounded 
interesting, but...


>I'm inclined to agree with you here - I like "Gate of Darkness", but
>it's very fluffy.  "The Fire's Stone"...well, I suppose it hasn't a
>great deal more depth, but I love the romance in it.  I always cry at
>the bit when Aaron breaks down and tells what happened to his cousin.

Now I can return the thanks - to Dorian for lending me TFS.  I really 
liked the romance as well.  And I can even link this to Lizzie's 
other post, about Awful, by commenting that the female protagonist 
(whimper, can't remember the name) reminded  me of an Awful slightly 
grown up.

Other books:

_Artemis Fowl_ I neither liked much nor hated.  I did find it 
disappointing as I'd read an interview with the author prior to its 
publication and he really sounded great.  Plus I wanted to like it 
because he's Irish and a Maccie.  :)

Anyone read the Company books by Kage Baker?  I read the first one 
and liked it but not enough to order others from the States without 
someone recommending the way the series is going.  I did read a 
ss/novella in Interzone or some such which I really found fun.

_The Athenian Murders_, can't remember the author.  It looked 
wonderful in the book shop, but I was hoping someone might have read 


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