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> Tanya Huff: found a new volume of two of her books: Gate of
> Darkness, Circle of Light and The Fire's Stone.  Especially
> liked the second one (in part because I'm one of those
> straight girls who goes gaga over m/m stuff).  The titles are
> a little cheesey, I think, but the books are a Good Read (I
> liked them better than most of the Four Quarters books :).  I
> also read a couple of the Blood books she wrote
> recently--they seem a little underdeveloped but not bad.
> Maybe I'm just comparing them to all the Laurell Hamilton
> books I was reading at the time--those books are so full of
> sex and violence and power that anything else seems a little
> tame. I think both series are girly vampire books--you know,
> vampire has some tragic past going on, he's hot, there's a
> kickass woman as the main character, etc.  I liked them
> better than most of the Anne Rice books I've read (two week
> phase.  If that.  I thought the Vampire Lestat was brilliant.
>  Several of the others bored me senseless.  I also felt sort
> of silly reading Anne Rice books--I remember when the first
> movie came out there was a big article in the Washington Post
> about readers of hers who actually drank blood.  I was about
> eleven.  It freaked me out).

I can't read Tanya Huff's vampire books.  Too... I don't know...
gimmicky?  This book is about werewolves, this book is about mummies,
yadda yadda yadda.  I read the first one and it was okay, but I couldn't
get past first couple of chapters of the second one.  Mr. Vampire was
just bland and I couldn't care about any of the characters.

I *was* a *huge* fan of Laurell K. Hamilton.  I *love* the Anita books.
Unfortunately, though, she started believing her own hype.  I blame all
the sex-craved fanz who bought "Kiss of Shadows".  That was a useless
book and encouraged her to go overboard on the sex crap.  I have a
*really* high tolerance for sex and violence in books, but ended up
returning "Kiss of Shadows" (it was a gift).  I couldn't get past the
first third of "Narcissus in Chains".  With "Narcissus", Anita changed
into a sex-starved succubus and I found it disgusting--not because of
the sex, really, but because there wasn't much *else* and it was such a
*cheesy* change from the rest of the series.  Hamilton should have stuck
to a different series for her erotica fixation and taken it easier on
Anita (IMO).  Fortunately, I was on guard from "Kiss of Shadows" and
checked "Narcissus" out of the library before buying it, which saved me
some store-credit from having to return it.  I can't tell you how
disappointed I am at the turn the series took.  Particularly since
"Obsidian Butterfly" was so strong--her best yet, IMO.  Bah!  What a

If you have a tolerance for that kind of thing, I'll re-recommend Anne
Bishop.  I brought her up before on the list, but it fits here because
of Huff and Hamilton.  Bishop's "Dark Jewel" trilogy is very strong
(though she's had a tough time transitioning from there).  The cover
copy is one groan after another from cheesy marketing ploys--i.e. the
story has some elements that you hear about and just cringe from the
potential marketing cheese (like the use of jewels--it seems set to
become a teenie-fem marketing franchise).  Fortunately, I took a chance
on it anyway and was *very* pleasantly surprised.  They're quite a bit
darker than Hamilton, though, so be forewarned.  Graphic violence etc.
Melissa tells me that they're strictly grrrrl wish-fulfillment (from my
descriptions--she has a real aversion to some of the material so she
didn't read it), but I didn't feel that way (but I'm not a grrrrl so
can't truly judge).

Jacob Proffitt

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