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Fri Feb 15 06:57:30 EST 2002

Oh--this is me, rescheduling my accupuncture, cancelling my concert
tickets, and trying to figure out where the heck Cambridge is.  So you
know--you have to have tickets!  They're free and you can reserve them by
calling the bookshop--follow the links at  Yay yay



On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) wrote:

> I just had a look at to see if there had been any
> updates recently.  There is an interesting interview with DWJ's editor, a
> publication schedule, and the name of the forthcoming book - The Merlin
> Conspiracy.  Unfortunately the book wasn't listed on the publication
> schedule, so I don't think it will be coming forth anytime soon :(
> Also good news for DWJ and Buffy fans - the Mixed Magics audiobook will be
> read by Anthony Stewart Head - the actor who plays Giles on Buffy.
> Diana is making a public appearance for World Book Day  on the 14th March at
> Heffer's Bookshop in Cambridge.  *looks with green envy at all those living
> in the UK.*  My sister will be in the UK, around Cambridge, at that time.  I
> wonder what bribes it would take to get her to take some of my books and get
> them signed?
> And the site also set my mind to rest about the identity of the Ursula Jones
> who is reading some of the audiobooks - yes, it is DWJ's sister!
> Kylie
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