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Fri Feb 15 06:39:10 EST 2002

Oh--that happens to me.  ALL of it.  My dreams are one of the things I
like best about myself.

I have lots of original, epic dreams--one of the first "real" stories I
ever finished, in ninth grade (fourteenish) came from a dream--it's a
horrible story (Mary Sue, I admit) but the idea is lovely, and I can still
remember the dream.  I had a dream a few years ago that I've been writing
on and off ever since that was notable because DWJ was in it.  She was
this mysterious woman who lived in a room full of books deep underneath
the house of the girl I was in the dream.  There were elements that made
no sense: an example--I was looking determindly for Magicians of Caprona
at the time, and in my dream it was in her room of books, and I kept
trying to take it with me but she wouldn't let me.  There were also
elements of great sense, and by golly there was a story!  One of the
reasons I do not count myself a morning person is that if I get woken in
the midsts of a good dream I am MEAN.  Utterly mean, unbelievably mean.
I'm a dream junkie--the only thing that matters is finding out what
happens.  And I have repeat dreams and I switch characters in dreams and I
love it all.  Though last night my dreams were sort of odd--I've been
watching too much Queer as Folk (got the DVD set for Christmas) and so I
had dreams all about gay bashings and I think that Buffy the Vampire
Slayer was involved somehow (because I've been having long arguments with
a friend about the OH WAIT!  Though I must tell you if you're waiting for
Buffy you can find the whole whole whole series online--just go to
morpheus or kazaa and you can have the new episodes within a day of the
original air date (I know this--I have people who come by my room very
subtly every Wednesday and ask if I've downloaded it.  ^_^

I really really really love dreams. . . I love the way they fit into life
and the way life fits into them.  I once (have I said this before?  I love
this story--I know I've told it--sorry if I'm repeating myself) left on a
Cranberries CD while having a nap and had this dream that was a full
fledged musical set in the Old South complete with Busby Berkley
routines--to Cranberries music.  Once I dreamt about my mother's
childhood, only it was in a different place and time, and she had an extra
brother between her and my oldest uncle--I told her about it and she told
me that her mother had miscarried a boy who would have been about that
age.  Which I really don't think I knew.  I have dreams that come true--I
swear--I can prove it because I have some of them written down.  It's
nothing important--I don't dream big events or anything major--just little
things.  And suddenly I'll look out a window or interact with someone and
all of the sudden a dream I had two years ago will make sense.  But I
never know it until after it happens.  And I don't really believe in
precognition or past lives (have I bored you all with my experience with
that?) or auras (I swear I could see them when I was younger--haven't
tried in a while) so I don't know what this is. . . .

But I really like my dreams.  And I really want to know if DWJ in real
life is _anything_like she was in my dream.



for Buffy!

season six!

about the Buffy/Spike thing (I like Spuffy, but I hate the recent
trend--she likes Spike/Angel.)


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