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Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at
Thu Feb 14 21:36:34 EST 2002

I just had a look at to see if there had been any
updates recently.  There is an interesting interview with DWJ's editor, a
publication schedule, and the name of the forthcoming book - The Merlin
Conspiracy.  Unfortunately the book wasn't listed on the publication
schedule, so I don't think it will be coming forth anytime soon :(

Also good news for DWJ and Buffy fans - the Mixed Magics audiobook will be
read by Anthony Stewart Head - the actor who plays Giles on Buffy.

Diana is making a public appearance for World Book Day  on the 14th March at
Heffer's Bookshop in Cambridge.  *looks with green envy at all those living
in the UK.*  My sister will be in the UK, around Cambridge, at that time.  I
wonder what bribes it would take to get her to take some of my books and get
them signed?

And the site also set my mind to rest about the identity of the Ursula Jones
who is reading some of the audiobooks - yes, it is DWJ's sister!


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