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Tue Feb 12 16:21:16 EST 2002

I borrowed this from the library today. I spotted one entry that fits a
character in the Dalemark books very well. Is there a map of Dalemark
anywhere? I seem to have vague recollections of one in a library copy, but I
suspect I might just be imagining it.

I've finally got down to starting something I've been wanting to do for
ages - The Tough Guide to Doctor Who. Cue entries on Corridors (Tourists
worried that near instantaneous time and space travel will result in a lack
of exercise need not worry, since the Management has provided many corridors
which you will run up and down), Countdowns (These will not stop until the
timer shows single figures. This is a Rule), and Companions (Having
Companion status has mixed blessings. If you die, then it will only ever be
in a Blaze of Glory (OMT). This might not be much comfort if you are trapped
on a doomed space freighter on collision course with prehistoric earth, but
this is, literally, your funeral). It makes me appreciate TTGTFL even more,
since it's very tricky to highlight the clichés and conventions in a
consistently funny way, and DWJ does it excellently.

Caleb W.

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> Oh frabjulous day, there are a couple of people over on who are
> a Tough Guide to Harry Potter fanfics. I'd say THAT is a concept whose
> has deffinitely come!
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