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Mon Feb 11 12:30:00 EST 2002

Thanks to all who replied with suggestions.  Since there seemed to be
interest in the topic, I thought I would compile a list of the books
suggested and send it along with any annotations I got.

Lodge, David	Changing Places (a British prof and an American prof
                                   trade positions for a year
Lodge, David	Small World     (about academic conferences)
Mccarthy, Mary	The Grove Academe (said to be a tad depressing)
Jarrell, Randall Pictures from an Institution (got many votes, 
					said to be very funny)
Russo,Richard	Straight Man   (also said to be very funny)
Sayers, Dorothy  Gaudy Night
Tartt, Donna	The Secret History
Webster, Jean	Daddy Long Legs
Hassler, Jon	Rookery Blues
		The Dean's List
Langton, Jane	Paper Chains (set at Harvard)
Willingham, Calder    End as A Man
Voight, Cynthia  Tell Me if the Lovers are Losers (YA book)
Davies, Andrew  A Very Peculiar Practice (set at a UK university 
					medical school; dark comedy)
Montgomery, L.M.   Anne of the Island
Stevermer, Caroline   A College of Magics
Amis, Kingsley    Lucky Jim (said to be funny)
Waugh		Brideshead Revisited
A novel by Jill Ker Conway and a univesrity president (murder mystery)

And can someone explain to me why there is such resistance by some people
to YA books/sci fi/fantasy books? I suggested _Year of the Griffin_ to
this person, telling her about the various ways DWJ criticizes the
university, and she sounded really interetsed, then I let slip that it was
a YA book about a university for magic, and you should have just seen the
loook on her face.  

Thanks again.  And thanks too for the news about the Bagthorpes...looks
like i will have to try out Amazon.uk for the first time.


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