OT: Book suggestions

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Feb 10 15:44:09 EST 2002

> Laurie asked...
> > This is a plea for book suggestions: a co-worker of my sister's is
> taking a Higher Education course and is required to choose a fiction book
> set at a university to write a paper on. I gather the idea is to analyze
> the way the university is portrayed. Naturally, _Year of the Griffin_
> to mind (hey, a DWJ reference) <snip>

and then Dorian added:
> I'm supposed to be leading a discussion on such on another list, in a
> couple of months' time (and if anyone has a book set at a British
> college/uni in the early 20th century that I could borrow, I'd be very
> grateful!).

Dorian, is Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers too late for you? (set in the
1930s I think).

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