Nowhere is everywhere.

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at
Sun Feb 10 14:52:20 EST 2002

Did anyone read Keepers of the Truth by Micheal
Collins at all? It is a novel that really isn't
related to DWJ or fantasy in any kind of way.
But before you boot me off the list for being OT (and
we never are...)one of the main characters, a white
trash kind of guy who is suspected of murdering his
father, has NOW tattoed on the the knuckles of his
onehand and HERE on the knuckles of his other hand.
And when he puts them guessed it. The
motif is used quite few times throughout the book.
Although I liked the book, I wouldn't unreservedly
recommend it, as it is quite a different type of thing
from what it usually read on this list, but I thought
it was striking that Collins, probably independently,
came up with the same idea.


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