OT: Book suggestions

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 9 13:55:57 EST 2002

>*rummages through mind* I hope my memory serves me
>right here. What about Stephen Fry's The Liar. I
>thought it pretty entertaining stuff. I do believe
>they were in the uni at that time. But I could be
>wrong, it's  been a long time since I touched that
>book. And it's certainly not a children's book.

The Liar is only set in a small part in a university, and mostly it is 
about Fry, not about uni life. I guess it depends on the specifics of the 
assignment. It certainly has an hilarious scene set in a university staff 

Another adult suggestion would be Small World by David Lodge which is about 
going to conferences, so it is set at several universities. Any of his 
campus novels are pretty good. Changing Places is the most straightforward, 
I guess, although maybe a bit dated now. The newest one is "Thinks" - might 
be a more interesting choice.


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