OT: Book suggestions

Lucien tubbydome at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 23:31:18 EST 2002


*rummages through mind* I hope my memory serves me
right here. What about Stephen Fry's The Liar. I
thought it pretty entertaining stuff. I do believe
they were in the uni at that time. But I could be
wrong, it's  been a long time since I touched that
book. And it's certainly not a children's book. 

--- Fiona Haggart <F.haggart at btinternet.com> wrote:
> > >This is a plea for book suggestions: a co-worker
> of my sister's is taking
> > >a Higher Education course and is required to
> choose a fiction book set at
> > >a university to write a paper on. I gather the
> idea is to analyze the way
> > >the university is portrayed. Naturally, _Year of
> the Griffin_ leaped to
> > >mind (hey, a DWJ reference),

Le Petite Livre Noir
"You're not the only one who can do toads, you know!"
Calcifer, Castle in the Air

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