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On Sat, 9 Feb 2002 03:24:05 -0800, jackie e stallcup wrote:

><<<<I'm really addicted to these books.>>>
>ME TOO!!!  Except that I think that they are getting more and more
>frantic and less and less funny as the series progresses, unfortunately. 
>Still, they are among the books I read when I need a lift.

I agree.  I like the earlier ones better.  But it's gotten to where I really
want to find out what happens to the characters....

>Apparently, there was actually a TV series based on these books in the
>UK--one of my copies has pictures from it on the cover.  Somehow, I don't
>think that seeing these people in action would be nearly as funny as
>reading about them.  And if you had to LIVE with them, well...
>To bring this back to DWJ, does this apply to any of her characters?  I
>think Wild Robert, for example, would be pretty difficult to take in real
>life, as fun as he is to read about...

I don't think I would like living with Howl at ALL.  "Slitherer-outer" is
what in my family is called a "hoser" and I have a brother who is like this.
And I think I would always feel awkward around Mordion, not because he's a
bad type or anything, but because I have, to my shame, behaved like Vierran
in the past, and it always went badly for both of us.

Melissa Proffitt
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