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Sat Feb 9 06:24:05 EST 2002

<<<<I'm really addicted to these books.>>>

ME TOO!!!  Except that I think that they are getting more and more
frantic and less and less funny as the series progresses, unfortunately. 
Still, they are among the books I read when I need a lift.

Apparently, there was actually a TV series based on these books in the
UK--one of my copies has pictures from it on the cover.  Somehow, I don't
think that seeing these people in action would be nearly as funny as
reading about them.  And if you had to LIVE with them, well...

To bring this back to DWJ, does this apply to any of her characters?  I
think Wild Robert, for example, would be pretty difficult to take in real
life, as fun as he is to read about...

Jackie Stallcup
On Fri, 08 Feb 2002 16:14:18 -0700 Melissa Proffitt
<Melissa at> writes:
> On Sat, 9 Feb 2002 02:34:44 -0800, jackie e stallcup wrote:
> >I believe there are now two books past the Bagthorpe Triangle.  
> Next, I
> >believe, is the Bagthorpes Besieged, and then the latest one that I 
> have
> >is the Bagthorpes Battered, which I have not yet had a chance to 
> read, so
> >I don't know if it ties up the loose ends, finally, or not.  I have 
> not
> >had much luck getting these in the US, but had no problem ordering 
> them
> >from the UK.
> Thanks so much for this info.  I will have to resort to ordering 
> from the UK
> eventually.  I'm really addicted to these books.
> Melissa Proffitt
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