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Laurie asked...

> This is a plea for book suggestions: a co-worker of my sister's is
> a Higher Education course and is required to choose a fiction book
set at
> a university to write a paper on. I gather the idea is to analyze
the way
> the university is portrayed. Naturally, _Year of the Griffin_ leaped
> mind (hey, a DWJ reference), and the Unseen University of the
> books, and Tam Lin, and Moo by Jane Smiley, but I thought I would
ask if
> anyone else has suggestions, partly for my sister's friend, but
> for me, because after having re-read Tam Lin, I would really like
> "university" book.  Thanks in adavance,

If your sister's friend has an interest in how universities *used* to
be, she might like to try "Daddy-Long-Legs" by Jean Webster, or one of
the "Anne" books by L. M. Montgomery is set at university - "Anne of
the Island", IIRC.  Both of these are currently in print, AFAIK, or if
not, easily pick-up-able second-hand or in a public library.  I can
also dig out for you a list of other "college" books, if you like -
I'm supposed to be leading a discussion on such on another list, in a
couple of months' time (and if anyone has a book set at a British
college/uni in the early 20th century that I could borrow, I'd be very

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