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lpuszcz at uoft02.utoledo.edu lpuszcz at uoft02.utoledo.edu
Fri Feb 8 16:06:55 EST 2002

That subject line was just vague enough to throw in all the topics i
wanted to mention.  I've been enjoying the Hexwood and Deep Secret
discussions a lot, although i now realize that I need to re-read them both
soon as I have nothing of substance to contribute at the moment.

First book suggestion topic: months and months ago, I asked for some
suggestions for "humorous books," and I got a lot of votes for the
Bagthorpe series.  I wanted to thank the many who suggested these books
(they were *hilarious*, and are now on my "must buy" list), but i also
wanted to ask if there are only 7 books in the series.  I read the last
one I have been able to locate, and it didn't seem like she wrapped up

Second book suggestion:  I believe it was Becca a few weeks ago who
mentioned the "Exiles" books by  Hilary Mckay.  I really enjoyed these
books a lot and second the recommendation.

This is a plea for book suggestions: a co-worker of my sister's is taking
a Higher Education course and is required to choose a fiction book set at
a university to write a paper on. I gather the idea is to analyze the way
the university is portrayed. Naturally, _Year of the Griffin_ leaped to
mind (hey, a DWJ reference), and the Unseen University of the Pratchet
books, and Tam Lin, and Moo by Jane Smiley, but I thought I would ask if
anyone else has suggestions, partly for my sister's friend, but partly
for me, because after having re-read Tam Lin, I would really like another
"university" book.  Thanks in adavance,

lpuszcz at uoft02.utoledo.edu

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