Christopher Chant - Brat? (Was: Re: Hexwood again)

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Feb 8 01:02:18 EST 2002

>Which reminds me of something I noticed last time I read _Deep Secret_
>-- in the one scene that Rupert's and Maree's accounts overlap, their
>first meeting, they contradict each other about what, exactly, each of
>them said and did. Rupert, for instance, is considerably less polite
>in Maree's recollection than in his own.

But isn't this just fantastically informative about his character? He 
thinks of himself as polite, competent and controlled. And as the book goes 
on it becomes increasingly clear that his self-portrait is inaccurate. He 
reacts emotionally to Maree from the very beginning, but he tells himself 
and the reader that he is just being objective and sensible.


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