: Re: Polly and Nina (Fire and Hemlock, was Hexwood

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 8 00:58:39 EST 2002

>>its a perfectly good quibble. However what I forgot to
>>say is that this theory also depends on the assumption
>>that Polly got her looks from Ivy and we already
>>accept the Polly is a similar type to Laurel idea.
>>Don't we (unsure who "we " is at this point!).
>Yup.  I should have seen that straight off.  But.  I've been thinking 
>about this quite a bit and couldn't figure out why I just didn't like 
>it.  Finally the word "sterile" came into my head with regard to Laurel, 
>and that did it.  Whatever about the possibility of Faerie breeding with 
>humans, which I'm not even sure I buy (in F&H that is), I just cannot see 
>Laurel having children - certainly not with inferior humans.  Yes, she 
>married Tom, but that was all about getting his life, right?

This is an interesting point. I get a very strong image of a woman who has 
married a man to have an attendant, someone to compliment and pay attention 
to her: children are clearly going to detract from this equation. Besides, 
if Laurel is immortal then what need has she for offspring if she has minions?


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