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Thu Feb 7 20:35:41 EST 2002

After much fascinating stuff from Dorian and Hallie
about the Beauty and the Beast connection
Hallie wrote

Yes, that's what struck me - a lot of Maree's initial 
unattractiveness seems tied up with all the things
done to her - her
position as poor relation in the family (that's
Cinderella again but
still), the dreariness of her outlook, and Janine
makes a wonderful evil
wizard!  And the way Maree comes back from Babylon
transformed is such an
interesting play on the usual fairy-tale

lots of > missing sorry

Such a lot of fairy tale motifs tumbling out of DS
that had simply not occurred to me before (please
imagine Ven doing forehead hitting thing). Janine
seems to radiate wicked stepmothers/bad fairy
godmother memes -- 
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, we have already
mentioned. The way Maree is lured to the homeworld,
where she is to be ambushed, by a message, suggests
the motif of a person travelling with a letter that,
unknown to them, instructs the recipient to kill them
that occurs in at least one fairy tale (anyone
remember which one I am thinking of -- bandits go to
rob this guy in his sleep and, finding only the
letter, take pity on him and rewrite it to say he is
to be treated well).


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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