DWJ Heroic Ideal essay (Was: Re: Polly and Nina (Fire and Hemlock)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Feb 6 12:30:35 EST 2002

Glad you'll be getting the original, Ros, no way I could have done 
justice to it.  But this got me thinking that maybe a summary of the 
essay would still be useful. It's unlikely that everyone on the list 
will get a copy, and I assume we wouldn't be able to post the article 
itself on the list, or on the site, for copyright reasons?

It offers an amazing insight into F&H though, and I think a lot of 
people would be interested.  Either I could summarise it, and 
everyone else who has a copy could add and amend, or if someone else 
has a burning desire to tackle this, that's fine too.


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