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Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at
Wed Feb 6 10:42:14 EST 2002

Venkarel wrote:

> >BTW, can't you fit Andrew into the fairytale motif
> >somewhere?  Or from a mythological point of view.  It
> >feels familiar, but I can't pin it down.

I have the same kind of feeling about him but similarly can't track it down.
What did occur to me was he's on of a group of DWJ's 'split' characters -
Herrel in A Sudden Wild Magic and Faber John in Tale of Time City, for
instance - characters who have been physically divided. (I am not including
Hexwood as it appears to me that the characters there do not 'split', they
just switch between their real selves and the Bannus's versions.) This is
not an idea I've come across elsewhere, either in fantastical lit or in
folklore, though it's quite likely very common and I just haven't found it!
I'd be interested to know whether DWJ's use of it has roots elsewhere or is
just an outcropping of her interests in memory/individuality/how people


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