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Bettina wrote:

> On the subject of inherent "good" or "bad" character, a very interesting
> btw, Ros.
> It made me think of Christopher Chant, who has to overcome character
traits his
> upbringing / childhood experiences left. Like when he finds out he *is*
> e.g. in thinking everybody has to like him, because this used to be the
> when he was small (and cute ;-).
> Someone on the list wrote he/she couldn't warm to him because he seemed
like a
> brat almost the entire book.
> And some of the "weaknesses" remain, he is still vague (I wondered if this
> means he's bored in later books) and can be quite ironic with people who
do not
> understand it. But somehow this becomes a part of him that makes him even
> fascinating, doesn't it.
> Hmm. I don't really know if I'm making a point here, but somehow LoCC came
to my
> mind when I read the mail.

Thanks for bringing up Christopher Chant--he's one of my favourite DWJ
characters! He's always seemed like a particularly complex character to me.
I think you're right in pointing out that his arrogance and spoiled
brattishness is partly a result of his upbringing, though I can't remember
details (Was it indulgence by his mother combined with both his parents'
neglect? His parents' constant arguing?) It's interesting, though, that he
*does* become aware of it as he grows up and becomes a nicer person, whereas
some of DWJ's characters just don't (Gwendolen, for instance).


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