Hexwood again

liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Wed Feb 6 04:34:09 EST 2002

On the subject of inherent "good" or "bad" character, a very interesting topic
btw, Ros.

It made me think of Christopher Chant, who has to overcome character traits his
upbringing / childhood experiences left. Like when he finds out he *is* arrogant
e.g. in thinking everybody has to like him, because this used to be the case
when he was small (and cute ;-).

Someone on the list wrote he/she couldn't warm to him because he seemed like a
brat almost the entire book.

And some of the "weaknesses" remain, he is still vague (I wondered if this still
means he's bored in later books) and can be quite ironic with people who do not
understand it. But somehow this becomes a part of him that makes him even more
fascinating, doesn't it.

Hmm. I don't really know if I'm making a point here, but somehow LoCC came to my
mind when I read the mail.

Back to work induced lurking,


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