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> Then you're wrong when you say (above) that Maree
> doesn't change much:
> when Rupert meets her for the second time, she's had
> something done
> about her hair, and she's wearing clothes he
> actually approves of.
> How much this matters, I don't know, but the change
> isn't all in
> Rupert's head after he comes to love her.

Now you all make me want to read Deep Secret again. 
It's one of my favorite DWJ books.  I kept checking it
out of the library numerous times, vowing to buy it
when it came out in paperback.  (Of course, now that
it has, I'm trying to get my sister to buy it for me
for my birthday ^_^)

What I liked about the book was the romance between
Rupert and Maree because the romances are usually very
subtle in DWJ's work.  I never really thought that
Rupert disliked Maree as a person.  It's just that
he'd had a bad day when he first met her, due to her
accidentally giving him the run-around...and she
disappointed his expectations.  And he didn't get off
on a good foot with her the way he humiliated her in
front of everyone after she and Nick did the witchy
dance.  And so she bristled at him and he got even
more upset with her.  You know how it is when you feel
embarrassed or humiliated in front of someone--you
decide that you dislike that person and won't even try
to see them as they really are.  Once they were
willing to give up their grudges, they could start to
know and like each other.

I really enjoyed that scene with zombie-Nick at
breakfast where Rupert is peering over his newspaper
in fascination.  

BTW, can't you fit Andrew into the fairytale motif
somewhere?  Or from a mythological point of view.  It
feels familiar, but I can't pin it down.


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