Hexwood again

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue Feb 5 19:18:58 EST 2002

 overall she seems to take the view that people
> > are the way they are because of some inner temperament or perhaps
> > some inherent moral sense.

I believe that too, I think. Otherwise, why did my sister and I turn out
bookish with special interest in photography (her) and fantasy (me) while
profu\oundly hating sport? Our paretns were both very keen on sport, and
very good at it. And it wasn't aversion therapy, either. They never bothered
*us* with it, having noted, early on, that we were totally anti.

And my two children, brought up by the same parents, in the same
environment, are also very different. One is placid, fairly easy going and
works with the long-term in view, while the other is want-it-now and
contentious. One reads sf and fantasy, the other reads magazines. One loves
computers, the other would just as soon they didn;t exist. One has volatile
friendships, the other has long term friendships with people he's known for
years. I could go on.


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