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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 18:05:11 EST 2002

I said

> >Ivy's appearance was something I'd never really
> >thougth about. My
> >mental image is the later, dressing-gowned, Ivy,
> >to seed. The
> >resemblance of their names has been remarked on
> >before, realising
> >that Ivy was originally a good looking, elegantly
> >groomed woman,
> >gives some plausibilty to the idea that that Ivy
> >was a
> >descendant of the Leroys. It also ties in nicely
> >the way that
> >Laurel was able to get at Ivy so well.

and Hallie replied
> Oh, surely Laurel wasn't the *only* nicely groomed
woman in the town? :) 
> I think I'm just resistant to your interesting
theory, Ven, as I dislike
> Laurel (and her real-life type) so. 
 Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to
> need blood ties to be able to get at people, does
she?  Of course, you
> could say that everyone we see her getting at IS
related, so I've no
> evidence to back up my quibble.

its a perfectly good quibble. However what I forgot to
say is that this theory also depends on the assumption
that Polly got her looks from Ivy and we already
accept the Polly is a similar type to Laurel idea.
Don't we (unsure who "we " is at this point!).

Lots snipped where me and Nat discuss Nina then Hallie

> Hmmm again.  I'd tend to agree with vulgar - or at
least I think I 
> would.  Brash anyway.

Brash I would agree with. It sounds less judgemental
to me than vulgar. I suspect that my Mum would have
said Nina looked common --- if she'd forgotten that
it's common to say "common".

> >
> >Hallie then said
> >
> >>  Hrmm...   I see what you mean, but I have a hard
> >time fitting her
> >>  very young self's envying Nina's looks with her
> >wanting to be
> >>  judged on her physical attractiveness later.
> >
> >Didn't it just mean she had grown up a bit?

snip where Hallie is responding more to Nat
 The bit about Polly's looks I should probably
explain.  I'm *not* 
> saying that because Nina wears glasses and has
frizzy hair that I 
> think Polly's prettier etc.  It seems to me that
there is a very 
> pointed telling narrative here, which sets up the
contrast not only 
> on the basis of differentness, but also quite
specifically points out
> Polly as good-looking and Nina as not.  Other people
may read that bit
> quite differently.
I think you are right about Nina at 10, I've always
thought that she improved through her teens. 


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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