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> Ha so i'm off topic am I?
> Rebecca wrote
> > >In a message dated 2/1/2002 1:27:40 PM Pacific
> Standard Time, Ven writes:


> It's ok, it's always happening, it can be a pain
> having a gender neutral name -- but it's mine and I
> ain't changing it! I've never met another Ven so I'm
> amazed that you have.

I was amazed to see a Ven on the ML when I was reading
through the archives.  

> So while we're on the topic, Venkarel, care to share
> the story of your name?

Not very interesting.  I have issues with my real name
coming from many years of people mangling and
misspelling it, not to mention making fun of it.  And
sadly, it's not as unique a name as I'd thought it was
when I was a kid.  So when I started going online, I
wanted to find a name that was unique but
anonymous--and I guess, in this case, gender neutral. 
It's actually the nickname of my favorite character
from  an obscure and now out-of-print science fiction
series by Cheryl J. Franklin and I'm always happy when
someone recognizes the reference.  As was explained in
the book, it's a nickname that was conferred upon a
boy who refused to give his name and means "no-name
from Ven".

(who just saw a listing for the 80 page "Stealer of
Souls" on and is trying to remember if
that story was included in "Mixed Magics")

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