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I wrote
> >We're told that Polly's grandfather was one of
Laurel's victims
> >which makes her (Polly) a sort of in-- law, giving
her a toehold of a
> >right to be at the funeral. Her looks would seem to
imply an actual
> >family relation, giving a stronger right (cf the
people allowed into
> >Hunsdon House at the end) and I think Tom
recognised that. (could the
> >business with the vases have been a test?). I have
a feeling there were
> >part Leroys all over the neighbourhood -- Laurel's
people have been
> >interbreeding with the locals for yonks. However 
we know that Laurel had
> >her claws into three men from the same family, Tom,
his brother and
> >Leslie, so there may have been a preference for
certain lines.

and Nat replied
> It makes a lot of sense. I know some modern
reinterpretations of the
> faerie ballads imply that Faerie interbreeds with
humans because
> essentuially of inbreeding. I don't think that is
made clear in F&H, but
> it would be appropriately backwards if in breeding
with humans, they end
> up breeding in an inbred way...

Hmm it does at that

Then, on the subject of Nina's vulgarity Nat said
> I'm thinking especially of the 19-ish Nina that
Polly runs into on 
> the street towards the end, who says something like
"we were never 
> friends, you little prissy ****." I always picture
her giving Polly 
> the finger, but can't remember if that's in the book
or not.
Yeah Nina was pretty awful here. With her not
remembering anything it probably seemed as though
Polly was a prissy cow who rather seemed to collect
men -- Tom, Seb, Leslie and there was no way Nina was
going to let her have Leslie back!

big snips

> Ven:
> >Another group of three is Polly, Ivy and Granny.
> >going to have to read F&H again real soon....

and Nat said
> I'm having a hard time with the three-formed goddess
idea, partly 
> because so much of the book is based in one-on-one
> partly because there is no crone: Ivy is obviously
the mother, Polly the
> maiden, and Laurel is something else altogether.
There are certainly
> subsets of characters in her life, some in threes,
some twos, and the
> quartet is a four:
> Polly's two girl friends: Nina and Fiona
> The two boys: Lesie and Sebastian
> Polly's three parents: Ivy, Reg and Granny.
> Tom's three loves: Laurel, Ann, and Polly
> The three fair-haired ones: Laurel, Ivy, and Polly.
> The quartet, variously named.
> The Quartet strikes me as a more important
structure: A pair of 
> violins, a viola holding down the middle, and a
cello on the bottom. Not
> as stable a structure as a trio, but that does seem
to me to be the shape
> the whole book is based on (and she has professed
Eliot's "Three Quartets"
> as being one of her startign points.

I've read the Three Quartets several times, I know I
like it but, like most of Eliot, I wouldn't know where
to start interpreting it. Anyone care to step in?

 >As I was typing the above I found myself singing
"The Polly and the
> >Ivy". You know, she could have been named "Holly",
in an earlier
> >draught, only "Polly" suits her better and "Holly"
might have been
> >too obvious. Or maybe not!
> "Of all the trees that are in the wood, the Polly
bears the thorn"
> "They'll turn me in your arms, an adder or a
> I'm guessing that's not DWJ's intent, but I like

Yeah it's kinda nice
> >Computers
> >grrrrrrrr
> Ok, breathe deeply and repeat after me: "Computers
will make our 
> lives easier. Computers will make our lives easier.
Computers..." Ok, now
> write a subroutine so the computer can keep saying
this for you while you
> do something else...

Computers make it easier to do the things you had not
imagined wanting to do. Computers are easy to use
....... so why don't I have a clue how to write a subroutine!


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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