On Being a Hot Babe (was Re: Hexwood -- Catchup)

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Tue Feb 5 09:02:31 EST 2002

Dorian wrote:

> Rupert/Beast actually forces himself on Maree/Beauty, but subsequent
> to that, she turns to him willingly (if somewhat bewilderedly).  Their
> "courtship" initially involves books (dealers room at the con), which
> matches up with more than one version of the tale that I've seen.
> Maree/Beauty does save her "fat little Dad" from death through her
> association with Rupert/Beast - though he is not endangered *because*
> of her association with him.

I had the impression that the "fat little Dad"'s cancer did come via his
association with Marie. Somehow, when Rupert detects it, I thought he found
an impression of someone horrible, or a taste of it, or something. Now I'll
have to go and look it up, but I definitely thought that maybe Gram White
had given him the cancer.


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